Check Scanning and Mobile Capture Solutions for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies utilizing solutions typically use a combination of check scanning and mobile check capture apps either in Salesforce or their cloud-based environments.

Using the Payology Check Scanning SDK or Salesforce app allows insurance organizations to scan checks and remittance advice natively in their environments and apply the payments to policy premiums, reinstatements, liens, and loans. Many clients in the insurance industry use these Payology solutions to replace archaic and cost-prohibitive lockbox and remote deposit capture services provided by their financial institutions. Shifting to such solutions allows for the complete elimination of error and exception rates and a reduction of hard and soft costs.

As an alternative to centralized check scanning, Payology offers insurance organizations the ability to capture checks using mobile devices or flatbed scanners. The Payology Mobile Check Capture API or Salesforce app allows field agents the ability to collect payments from their clients by capturing check images at the time of collection. Conversely, clients whose underwriting documents include a check item as the final page in the package can use the Payology solutions to capture, rotate, crop, and extract data from the item automatically.

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