Check Scanning, ACH, and Document Scanning Solutions for Property Management

Property Management clients use an array of products to automate their Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable processes. Whether they use Salesforce or other cloud-based property management solutions, clients benefit from adding Payology Check Scanning, Payology Mobile Check Capture, ACH Connect, the Payment Gateway, and Docusplit to streamline their back-office operations.

Current Property Management clients use either the Payology Check Scanning SDK or Payology Check Scanning for Salesforce which allows individual property locations to scan personal, corporate, or certified checks received from their residents and automatically apply those checks to open invoices or prepayments.

The Payology Mobile Check Capture API or Payology Mobile Check Capture for Salesforce are utilized by Property Management companies to give their residents the ability to capture checks on their mobile devices and apply them to open balances. Using the Property Management company’s app, residents open the app, see the open balance, and pay that balance by capturing a check.

Property Management companies add ACH Connect and the Payment Gateway as an additional payment option for residents to pay open bills and enable auto-billing. These solutions are also used internally for intra-account transfers. Organizations using ACH Connect can further benefit from its group payment feature, allowing tenants of the same unit to split their payments.

Organizations using Salesforce often add Docusplit to streamline document processing and management. Docusplit can be used to separate or split documents received by applicants and residents, including bank statements, pay stubs, tax documents, etc. and instantly apply them to Salesforce records. Docusplit can also be used to scan physical invoices, construction, municipality, and maintenance documents which can be related to Salesforce records.

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