New Product Release: Payology Lite

Payology Lite for Salesforce gives clients the ability to transmit check payment data and check images from Salesforce to the Payology Payment Gateway and subsequently to a client’s financial institution for deposit. Additionally, with its bi-directional connection, Payology Lite receives check return data, matching it to the original payment, and synchronizing it to Salesforce.

Payology Lite Now Integrates with All Payology Apps

While some clients use Payology Lite as a standalone Salesforce app, many clients will now be able to use it in conjunction with Payology Check Scanning and Mobile Check Capture for Salesforce apps. These integrations allow our clients to automate their Accounts Receivable process within their Salesforce orgs.

What is Payology Lite for Salesforce?

Payology Lite for Salesforce allows users to transmit check images captured via the Payology Check Scanning or Mobile Check Capture apps to their financial institution. Payology Lite is bi-directional and allows clients to receive check returns in their Salesforce instance.