Revenova Gives Expands its Feature Benefits with Docusplit

Revenova, a Salesforce cloud application provider of transportation management solutions for shippers, brokers, and third-party logistics (3PL) companies, has added Docusplit to their platform helping clients streamline the document management process. Revenova clients using the Docusplit solution import bills of lading, invoices, customs reports, and other freight documents; parsing, annotating, and saving the pages within the documents to corresponding Salesforce records. The solution can reduce an organization’s document processing time by up to 80%.

Pyramid Logistics Reduces ACH Processing Times

Pyramid Logistics, an industry leader in providing specialized transportation and logistics services for businesses across the country, has added ACH Connect to their Salesforce environment. By using ACH Connect, Pyramid Logistics can schedule payments to their vendors and/or drivers, deliver NACHA files directly to their financial institution, and provide each vendor/driver with remittance advice seamlessly.

What solutions do Transportation Logistics organizations use?

Transportation logistics companies using Salesforce benefit from adding the Docusplit and ACH Connect for Salesforce apps to their orgs. Docusplit allows transportation companies to manage all their documents natively in Salesforce, easing the parsing, annotation, and saving processes. ACH Connect allows such organizations to automate their Accounts Payable process by automating payment and remittance advice generation while delivering NACHA files directly to the client’s financial institution.