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ACH Credits - ACH Debits - Virtual Check 21 - Mobile Capture Technology offers merchants ACH credit and debit technology, Virtual Check 21 services and mobile check capture capabilities. Businesses can utilize each service individually or combine all of the services in an effort to better control cost, efficiency and, most importantly, cash flow.


Check scanning solutions

Check Scanning - SalesForce Check Scanning - Private Label Check Scanning

Using your existng check scanning hardware, scan checks from within the gateway or Salesforce CRM platform. Technology providers can utilize our white label capabilities to provide your merchants with check scanning and account reconciliation from within your environment.


Check verification services

Account Validity - Check Writing History - Fund Verification offers merchants the ability to verify electronic checks or physical checks for account validity, check writing history, sufficient balances, and account holder information. The combination of all verification options lowers check returns, inclusive of unauthorized returns, by up to 70%.

Same day or next business day fund availability.

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Electronically Submit Check Transactions

In contrast to other competitors in the industry, works strictly as a technology provider. is not a third party processor or aggregator. Therefore, merchants benefit from lower float times and costs when utilizing methodologies and technology. Merchants work directly with their financial institution thus eliminating a middleman or broker in the accounts receivable process.

Because all of the technology utilized by is proprietary,'s development team is constantly working with customers and prospects to create and customize solutions which help in efficiently collecting physical checks, electronic checks, or mobile capture items.'s staff is experienced in developing solutions for any environment inclusive of Salesforce.

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Reduce check returns, chargebacks, processing fees, and settlement time

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